Tailored attention for those dear to you

Discover your journey toward recovery from addiction with Arch Recovery Center in Virginia. Our rehabilitation program was created to help you live a better life.

Welcome to ArchRecovery

At ArchRecovery, we understand addiction as a multifaceted challenge encompassing physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Our team of experts recognizes addiction as a manageable condition, offering hope and support for recovery.

We believe in the efficacy of addiction treatment. By cultivating a nurturing therapeutic environment, we facilitate the journey to sobriety for those in need.

Our rehab programs foster a growing community of recovery in West Virginia, where individuals find solidarity and encouragement. You're not alone in your journey; you're joining a supportive network of individuals who have walked the same path and continue to uplift each other with the wisdom gained from ArchRecovery.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Our dedicated team of addiction treatment specialists, with their wealth of experience and empathy, employs a combination of evidence-based therapies and holistic methods to address substance use disorders alongside any co-occurring mental health issues.

Our Mission

Supportive community

A supportive environment that encourages bonding, comprehension, and reciprocal assistance.

Expert care

Our seasoned professionals boast years of expertise in addiction medicine and empathetic assistance.

Holistic approach

We blend physical, emotional, and spiritual healing methods to facilitate comprehensive recovery.

Personalized treatment plans

Customized approaches that adjust to your changing requirements during the recovery journey.

What People Say

“Changing life for the better”

Thanks to the transformative addiction therapy provided by ArchRecovery, my life has undergone a profound change. Their tailored methods and nurturing atmosphere empowered me to overcome substance abuse and reclaim command over my life.

Adela Betancourt

“A wide range of therapies”

I wholeheartedly endorse ArchRecovery for addiction treatment. Their extensive therapy programs, incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and group sessions, equipped me with the necessary tools to conquer my addiction and embark on a fresh beginning.

Sakiatu Sumbundu

“Quick recovery”

At ArchRecovery, I found the compassion and guidance I needed to overcome my addiction. Their holistic approach to therapy, combined with caring staff, made all the difference in my recovery journey.

Tajudeen Hawawu

Insurances We Accept

We collaborate with the majority of leading insurance providers, granting you access to top-notch therapy services.

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Take your first steps to healing from addiction with clear steps recovery

By combining our team's expertise with your determination to overcome addiction, we aim to enhance your quality of life and functional capacity, guiding you towards the path of recovery.